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Source Code Pro

by Paul D. Hunt

Source Code was designed by Paul D. Hunt as a companion to Source Sans. This complementary family was adapted from the Source design due to a request to create a monospaced version for coding applications. Source Code preserves the design features and vertical proportions of Source Sans, but alters the glyph widths so that they are uniform across all glyphs and weights.

Although this family was designed specifically for coding environments, for which a regular weight will typically suffice, Source Code has been made available in the same weight range as the corresponding Source Sans design. Source Code Pro currently supports a wide range of languages using the Latin script, and includes all the characters in the Adobe Latin 4 glyph set.

As an open source project, it is expected that incremental updates will be made over time to extend glyph set coverage and functionality. Future releases are expected to add support for Greek and Cyrillic scripts, italics, and other features documented on the project page at Open@Adobe, which is hosted by SourceForge.

If you are interested in contributing to this open source project, please visit this project page for information on how to become involved. Source Code Pro can be adapted and redistributed according to the terms of the Open Font License (OFL) agreement.

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